Summer School of Youth Activism Zines!

On August 5 the Violence Prevention Program and AF3IRM wrapped up Summer School of Youth Activism. Students from Central Iowa attended 6 sessions that discussed topics such as histories of oppressions, decolonizing gender, feminism and misogyny, militarism, and other social issues. All sessions were led by AF3IRM facilitators Cecille Cervancia, Juanita Zavaleta, Katharine Guerrero, Cheryl Zarate, Alma De Jesus Ramirez, Devika Shankar, Genevieve Rana, and Eztli De Jesus. Monsoon youth interns Risha Shetye and Emily Le also helped lead the ice breakers before each session. Students were well engaged and interacting with the facilitators and other participants throughout the program. For one of the sessions, students were asked to create a zine that talked about what it was like for them dealing with COVID-19, going virtual for school and work, and more. On the last day of the program participants shared what they had made. Some students got creative and not only created zines, but some participants created a playlist of songs and artists they have been listening to during the pandemic.

Thank you to all the students that attended this year and thank you to AF3IRM for facilitating the sessions!

Check out some of the zines and playlist that the students created!

Pandemic Playlist – Jalyn Wu and Hla Paing
What Life Has Been Like During the Pandemic Zine – Risha Shetye and Emily Le