Monsoon is dedicated to our mission in ending all forms of gender-based violence by fostering healthy communities through transformative justice and social change. We firmly believe in the power of individual healing within the context of collective transformation. Our advocacy work at Monsoon revolves around community outreach, which plays a crucial role in all our programs, including direct services, community education, violence prevention and technical assistance.

In our commitment to building healthy communities, we have recognized the significance of community health, particularly within Asian and Pacific Islander communities. In 2022, we introduced community health as an integral component of our outreach program, aiming to achieve our goal of fostering well-being and improving public health. As part of this initiative, Monsoon launched our very first Mothers of Monsoon (MoM) support group and blog. Through MoM, we aim to provide equitable maternal and parenting resources, specifically tailored to meet the needs of Asian and Pacific Islander communities in Iowa. By focusing on improving public health, we strive to make a positive impact and enhance the overall well-being of our community.

We invite you to learn more about Mothers of Monsoon (MoM) to discover how this program supports and empowers individuals within our community.

Listen to the latest from Monsoon’s Community Health Podcast.

Additionally, we encourage you to explore our past and upcoming community health events to stay informed and get involved in our mission of building healthy communities.

Explore the National Health Observances Calendar to stay informed about upcoming health-related observances through December 2024.

Together, we can create a world free from gender-based violence and promote the holistic well-being of all individuals in Asian and Pacific Islander communities.

This is an extension of Monsoon’s Community Health Outreach project, which serves to meet the diverse health needs of Asian and Pacific Islander communities in Iowa in an effort to advocate for, and improve health outcomes, through a health equity lens. The project is funded by the United Way of Iowa and the Iowa Department of Public Health. For more information on the Community Health Outreach program, please contact Monsoon’s Community Health Coordinator, Audri Lu-Uhlken, at