Yahriel Salinas-Reyes

Yahriel is a youth intern and peer-to-peer advocate at Monsoon Asians & Pacific Islanders in Solidarity.  Yahriel is a senior at Valley High School and is a part of Monsoon’s Violence Prevention Program (VPP).  The VPP mission is to prevent gender-based violence by educating and empowering peers through outreach and workshops. Yahriel is a bicultural first generation immigrant and can speak English and Spanish fluently. He is set on changing the world around him by using his privileges and opportunities to make immediate and long term change. He involves himself in advocacy, activism, policy work, and many more activities to continually educate himself. Yahriel also acts as a role model and leader in other activities as well such as music, stem-based activities, and other diverse groups. He can be reached at