Angelica Vannatta

Angelica is a proud Samoan American afakasi who, despite the cold winters (Pacific Islander-blood is not meant for subzero temperatures!), has lived in Iowa since 2nd grade. She and her husband moved to Marion, IA in 2001 where they raised their two children.

She is a strong advocate for civil & human rights and fights for equitable access to opportunities. Each day, Angelica strives to nurture meaningful connections to inspire action and empower others to make a difference in the lives of those around them, so each of us feels supported, understood, and included and can live our best possible lives!!

Her resolve for improving lives is evident through her professional and volunteer work. As the Senior Manager of Community Outreach & Engagement at United Way of East Central Iowa, Angelica works to advance equity, drive social impact, and build community through civic engagement, volunteer leadership, and service opportunities. She currently serves as the Marion Civil Rights Commission Chair, co-chair of Inclusive ICR, and board member of Monsoon Asians & Pacific Islanders in Solidarity, among other volunteer roles.

You can find Angelica on any given weekend during football season cheering on her beloved Pittsburgh Steelers. What she wouldn’t give to see her all-time favorite football player, Troy Polamalu back on the gridiron! In her free time, she enjoys running long distance, completing obstacle course challenges, and spending time with her twin granddaughters.